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The Move to Wisconsin | Our First Month

Though it has only been a couple of months, November seems like sooo long ago!  It was the month when we made the biggest decision of our lives. The decision to pack up everything we own, say goodbye to everything and everyone we have ever known and move to Wisconsin.

This decision did not come lightly.  We prayed and talked and thought about it … A LOT!  As we prayed and talked it through, we asked God to open the door if this was something he had for us.  And if not, to make it abundantly clear that the door was closed.  Because this would be the BIGGEST “yes” of our lives!  And I (Wendy) remember the moment very well when we finally decided to take the step to say, “Yes”.

It was an unusually warm November day.  I was on the phone with Colin in the back yard of our first home in Windsor, Colorado. I began to say, “Let’s just ask God one more time to confirm that this is what he has for us.” But, I felt God move in me and I stopped mid sentence.  It was CLEAR that the door was open, all we had to do was walk through it.  After only a moment, that seemed like an eternity, I took a breath.  With goosebumps on my arms and a lump in my throat I said, “Let’s do it!”

Then began the talk of … who the heck moves to Wisconsin in the middle of winter!!??  Yes, well apparently we do!  Four weeks ago to be exact.  Here are some of the highlights from our first month in Wisconsin…

The First Snow

We had thoughts of what Wisconsin would be like in the winter.  More or less, we expected frigid temperatures in the Great White North!  Come to find out, Wisconsin had experienced a pretty mild winter so far.  Today, as I look out the window, I am surrounded by a six inch blanket of snow.  But that wasn’t the case when we arrived.  When we did see our first Wisconsin snow we were in awe.  We are renting a cabin in hill country near Blue Mound State Park. And the drive is stunning when the trees are covered in snow!

The Cabin

Our little white cabin is an Air BnB.  It is a fully restored and modernized 1800’s cabin about 30 miles from Madison.  It is small but more than sufficient for a few months.  We have definitely run into some challenges since we have been here though!  First, along with that beautiful snow in hill country came slippery hills and our little Ford C-Max just couldn’t gain the traction needed to get up the hills.  Snow tires anyone?? Thankfully our F-150 handles it with ease!

Second, this little cabin is cozy and perfect for brides and Air BnB guests!  However, longer term living … well, let’s just say we miss our dresser, closet, dishwasher and pantry.  We have worked hard to maximize the space in here by coming up with a few creative storage solutions!

Third, it is beautiful! God has given us an incredible opportunity to stay in this beautiful place during this season in our lives! Being surrounded by incredible scenery all around is something we are grateful for, and could totally get used to!

The Job

In short, Colin loves his new job so far!  Vortex Optics has provided him the opportunity to combine his passion and skills making it something he looks forward to every morning.  He has been encouraged and challenged from day one.  And attending SHOT Show in Vegas, yeah, he was a just little bit excited about that too!

The People

We have been welcomed with open arms. 100%! Everyone has been amazing.  We seriously can’t say enough about the kindness and warmth of the welcome we have received.  Everyone we have reached out to with questions has been incredibly kind and helpful.  It’s a little easier for Colin since he is around colleagues at work but for me it’s a little bit harder to meet people.  So I reached out to a few people who are either in the photographer Facebook groups I am in, or are part of the Rising Tide Society.  (RTS is an organization for creative entrepreneurs to gather and discuss various topics the first Tuesday of each month.)  And I have to say, they all hold true to their commitment to community over competition!

We can hardly wait to see what next month will bring!



Thanks to Amy Lynn Photography for the cozy winter pics!

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