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Wedding Day Tip | The Details

You’ve probably heard the old saying since you were five … Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  The saying itself is nearly 200 years old.  The old new borrowed and blue items for the bride to wear or carry on her wedding day were intended to be good luck charms for her future marriage.  And many brides and grooms still love this tradition today.  Being lovers of classic traditions, we do too!

Now, it’s time to think about and gather these details for your own wedding day so we want to share one quick tip about all the details.

Details Details

First, let’s define what we mean by “wedding details”.  Of course all of the old, new, borrowed and blue items are included!  But bridal details also include all of the wedding day accessories you will be wearing from top to bottom.  Your veil, jewelry and shoes.  We also love to photograph your gown, and bridesmaids gowns, before you get dressed.  The same goes for the groom; his cufflinks, bowtie, shoes, watch etc.  And the rings, don’t forget the rings!

In addition to accessories, we always want to photograph your invitation suite, bouquet and his boutonniere.  Beyond all of this, we want to capture all of the little things that you are incorporating into your wedding to make it uniquely you!  For instance, maybe you have his and hers boxes that your father in law to be made for your vows. Or, like Maya and Patrick, maybe you will each be wearing special pins on your wedding day.  There are tons of great ideas out there to personalize your wedding, don’t be afraid to get creative!


Part of the reason we are so passionate about photography is because your wedding photos are the very beginning of your legacy.  Maybe your “something old” is your grandmother’s pearl necklace that she wore on her wedding day.  Or, maybe its a sixpence for your shoe that your great grandfather brought with him from England when he first came to America.  Whatever it may be, your unique family history and legacy will be carried on to the next generation.  And maybe your daughter will be able to use the same pearl necklace, and even bring the picture of your wedding day for her wedding photographer to capture.  Thats why we do what we do!

Wedding Day Tip

It’s should come as no surprise that wedding days fly by in a heartbeat!  Which is why we encourage you to have a well planned wedding day timeline to ensure a stress free day.  We always send out a questionnaire 30 days before your wedding asking for about your wedding day details.  In it, you have an opportunity to share any of the special items you will be incorporating into your wedding.  That way, we are totally prepared on your wedding day to capture as much as possible!

When we talk with our couples about timelines we let them know that we always start the day photographing details.  To help things run smoothly right off the bat, the best tip we can give, is to have all of your wedding details gathered together in one area.  Keep all of the little details in a box or bag (so they don’t get lost) and ask your Maid of Honor to guard it with her life.  Then, when we arrive, we can get it from her, along with your dress, and shoes and get to work right away!

There you have it! Our simple wedding day tip to make sure we get beautiful photos of your details!


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