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Pine Hollow Vintage | Vintage Rentals and Event Styling

Reading her story, I (Wendy) recalled memories of childhood summers spent in small town Iowa.  The majority of my mom’s side of the family is still there, farming and raising farm kids just as they have done for generations.  I hold all of those summer farm town memories so dear, which is part of the reason why I love Northern Colorado so much!  We live just inches from farm country and it makes my heart so happy.

When memories from childhood touch you so deeply you want to hang on to them. Cherish them.  Make some small part of them alive in your adult life. And share them with others.  Which is exactly what Joann of Pine Hollow Vintage does.  This is what Joann says about her inspiration:


“Pine Hollow Drive for me was a place of unconditional love, learning and fabulous food.  It was picking currants for jam, watching cherries turn into pie, and being allowed to have a makeshift farm stand on the sidewalk in front of the house.  Julia and Roland were my great aunt and uncle—Julia, my grandmother’s sister.  However, my grandmother passed when I was 10, so Julia, Ami as I affectionately called her, was my senior role model.  A superb seamstress, a culinary genius, and a wiz at Jeopardy, Ami taught me things I carry with me through life.  They were beautifully simple gifts … but the art of making me feel so special was crafted from her hands and her heart.”


Using her good china, Ami taught Joann not just how to set a table but also how to make it beautiful.  The yesteryear grandeur of good china, damask tablecloths, candles and flowers made a lasting impression on her.  Over the years, Joann has grown her own collection of vintage English china.  She dreamt of opening a bed and breakfast in Estes Park and using the china for her guests.  But, after a turn of events, her dream changed into renting her collections to style weddings and events.  Her daughter, Cadie, soon came on board and Pine Hollow Vintage was born.  Joanne and Cadie combine their love of vintage china and making special events even more special in a beautifully unique way.

And … Pine Hollow Vintage also has a 1931 Ford Model A available for rent!  Vintage get away car? Yes please!


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