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Venice | What We Learned about Photographs and Memories

Ahhhhh Venice. Queue the Italian background music. The romance of stone foot bridges over a maze of meandering canals. Quaint cafés with red and white tablecloths. And charming street markets dotted along cobblestone walks. Venice was on our “must see” list when we began planning our one year anniversary trip to Italy.  Wendy is big on research and planning when it comes to vacations whereas Colin prefers to have an open schedule and simply explore.  So, we planned a mix of both.

This particular day in Venice was to be an open schedule day.  We woke up early to go take sunrise pictures at Saint Mark’s Square.  Side note … we did actually, unintentionally, get lost in Venice on the way! (Never trust Wendy’s sense of direction!) . Thankfully, we made it in time to see the stunning sunrise, chase the pigeons and then find a little café for breakfast.

As we happily wondered the streets, admiring the city’s romance, we came across a gondola stop.  “That would be fun”, we thought!  So, being the savvy travelers we are, we began to negotiate price with the gondolier.  We finally came to an agreement and boarded the sleek black boat.  For an hour we blissfully rode through the quintessential Venetian canals listening to our gondolier tell stories of the history and mystery of this beautiful and unique city.

Soon we turned into a much busier area.  The Grande Canal! We were headed towards the famous Rialto Bridge!  Our gondolier quickly motioned to hand him our camera so he could snap a picture of us. As Wendy handed over her phone, we moved closer together.  “Kiss her!” he said.  Which made us smile even more, resulting a great shot!

As we pulled back into the small side canal to dock we shook his hand and thanked him for a wonderful ride.  But then … Colin checked the time.  Our hour long gondola ride was only 45 minutes long!  The gondolier totally duped us!  And WE fell for it!


The moral of the story …


We all associate photos with memories, and feelings behind those memories.  Sadly, the memory of our gondola ride and cute Rialto Bridge photo has been a bit soured because of the experience we had.

We decided to share this story to encourage you to very carefully consider who you hire for photos. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure your photographer is a good fit for you!  When you look back at your photos, you will forever remember the feelings and the experience associated with them.  So, make hire someone whose style you love and who will also give you the best experience possible!


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