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Moving to Wisconsin | Mixed Emotions

“This job sounds awesome!  I’ll just put my resumé in to get in the mode of looking for a new job, but I’m sure I won’t even get a call back.”

The Job

As many of you know, photography is a side business for Wendy and me (Colin).  I have had a full time job, but it has not been in a field I’m altogether passionate about.  I finally began to look for some new opportunities, and found a marketing job for the hunting and tactical line of products at Vortex Optics.  If you have met me, even just in passing, you probably figured out that I am into hunting.  This new job would combine my personal passions with my professional interests, and allow me to utilize my degree.  As I submitted my resumé, I never thought it would result with a call back.  But they did call back.  And then they called back again, and again.  Then it happened… I got the job offer.

The Downside

Wendy and I lived in Colorado, near our families for over 30 years!  Neither one of us ever expected that we would choose to leave the state.  Being near family has always been very important to us.  This made our decision infinitely harder!  We prayed about this opportunity since the moment I submitted my application. “God, if this isn’t what you want for us, please close the door.  And, if this is something you do want for us, please open the door.  Either way, we trust You to lead and guide us!”  But now we actually had to make the decision.  We loved our visit to Vortex, and all the people we’d met.  The job sounded great from everything that I had learned, and it definitely had better opportunities.  We also loved the little town that we would likely choose to live in!  The ONLY negative was that this job would move us away from our families.

The Decision

We knew our families would be supportive.  But more importantly, we could see God’s hand at work in the entire process and knew this was where He was leading.  So, we decided this was it!  We were going to accept this great, new opportunity … we are moving to Wisconsin!  While we are incredibly excited about where God is leading us, and what He has in store.  We are simultaneously saddened at leaving our family.   2018 has been a year full of change and exciting new opportunities!  I can’t even imagine what God has in store for us in 2019!



Check out our first month after moving to Wisconsin here!



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