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Engagement Session | Estes Park, Colorado

The moment just felt right!  They strolled through immaculate gardens after a romantic dinner and came upon the resort’s terrace overlooking the ocean.  The salty sea breeze gently graced the shoreline.  Adding to the romance of the evening, Maya and Patrick had the entire terrace all to themselves.  What a night, what a view … This was it!  Not even Patrick knew when or how he would pop the question.  He did know however, that he was going to propose to the love of his life.  Most importantly, it was going to happen in Mexico!


It just felt right!

Maya and Patrick went to Mexico with Patrick’s family to celebrate his parents’ 25th anniversary.  Patrick knew he wanted to propose during the trip, but had no plans for where, when, or how he would do it.  While enjoying their time at the resort Patrick ended up getting a very bad sunburn.  But he was going to propose to his best friend, and a little setback like a third degree burn wasn’t going to deter him!

She thought he was acting a little strange so she asked him why he was acting weird.  “I’m not acting weird, you’re acting weird.”, Patrick replied.  She shrugged it off, blaming the sunburn, confident that he was going to propose at a later date and time back home.  To her surprise (and his too!) moments after their romantic dinner and stroll through the gardens, on the breathtaking terrace Patrick said, “It just felt right.”


The Ring

Patrick is having a ring custom made for his beautiful bride at a small mom and pop shop back home in Colorado.  Without a ring to commemorate the perfect moment in Mexico, they sought out one of the resort’s sidewalk vendors.  Maya found a beautiful canary sapphire that she just loved to act as the stand-in until her forever ring could be completed.

Being a geologist, Patrick has a keen understanding of gems.  He explained that due to the copper content in the canary sapphire, the stone changes color in different light. In natural light, the stone appears yellow.  In artificial light, it appears more pink.  How cool is that?!  The complexity of the gem, and how it can change color are some of Maya’s favorite qualities about her first engagement ring!


The Engagement Shoot

Maya and Patrick are a fun-loving, adventurous couple.  Maya told us how her first visit to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park took her breath away.  Being from Colorado ourselves, and loving the landscape of our home state, we know exactly what she meant!  So when she suggested sunrise at Lake Estes as a backdrop for their engagement shoot, we were all in!

It is so easy for us to see that Maya and Patrick are best friends!  Their interactions with one another make it abundantly clear.  We had a blast walking around Lake Estes with these two, particularly when we got photo bombed by a young buck!  He just casually appeared out of the forest to say good morning. Maya’s reaction? Priceless!  These two aren’t afraid to climb rocks, walk barefoot through the water, or encounter wildlife!  With so much excitement packed into their engagement session, we can’t wait for their big day!



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