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Greeley Farm Weddings: Martha and Randy | 50th Anniversary

They were just as in love as any newlywed couple.  They laughed, smiled, and exuded joy at the event to come just as much as any twenty-something bride and groom.  What made Martha and Randy stand out is that they were celebrating their 50th anniversary! Can you believe it? 50 years of marriage!  50 years… it’s a little hard for Wendy and I (Colin) to comprehend since it’s longer than either of us have been alive.  But they are a shining example of life-long dedication to each other and the vows they took before God and the witnesses of 50 years prior.  Martha and Randy held a small celebration of the life they’ve had together with some close friends and multiple generations of family.  And in our opinion, this is DEFINITELY something to celebrate!

Cheers to 50 Years!

Wendy and I were thrilled to be invited to photograph Martha and Randy’s vow renewal.  Engagements and weddings are great, but in comparison to 50 years of marriage, they’re a bit like the acceptance letter to college.  Just because you received the letter, doesn’t mean you will truly dedicate yourself to succeed at your education when it costs you your time, comfort, and freedom.  We love being a part of the beginning of the story, but there is something uniquely special about being able to celebrate a successful marriage that has endured the tests of time and whatever trials life may have thrown.

Somewhere, I recently read the statement, “Easy doesn’t make you proud.”  Maybe that is why our hearts rejoice so much with Martha and Randy; because after 50 years, you know there had to have been struggles, but they worked through them.  You know there were trials that lasted for a season, but they weathered the storms.  It was so exciting and encouraging to see that marriages can, and do, thrive even after the ups and downs of a lifetime.  Knowing that the choice to honor one’s vows of, “for richer, for poorer; for better or worse; in sickness, and in health; ’til death do us part.” is not always an easy choice, made us proud just to be photographing the victory of 50 years together for Martha and Randy.

Martha and Randy…

… thank you so much for including us in your very special day!  It was an honor to celebrate your 50th anniversary with you and your family.  Cheers to the amazing example you have set for the rest of us.  May you both have many more years together!



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Greeley Farm Weddings at SASH Ranch

Northern Colorado Catering


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