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Making the Most of Your Engagement

You have been dreaming of this moment your entire life. Perhaps it was well-planned romantic dinner, 0r while hiking your first Colorado 14er together. Maybe it was even broadcast on the big screen at a Rockies game. Regardless, the question was popped, the ring was presented, and the “YES!” came through a stream of joyful tears. Congratulations! You’re engaged!!!

Your life together means an unparalleled love and commitment to one another, and the celebration on your wedding day will be the perfect way to begin that journey. But where to begin? There are details to plan, venues to tour, photographers, planners and videographers to interview, colors and invitations to choose, cakes to taste and dresses to try on. It’s enough to make even the most organized engaged couples’ heads spin!

Our advice? Enjoy the ride! Being engaged is a whirlwind of planning in a relatively short timeframe. You will have the rest of your lives to be husband and wife, so savor this season and squeeze in some downtime together to simply enjoy each other’s company as fiancés! Here are a few inexpensive or free savor-the-season ideas:

Take a hike

Whether you want to challenge yourselves or take a leisurely stroll, there are TONS of awesome trails in Colorado to explore. Trails.com is an excellent resource for trails throughout the state and offers filters for degree of difficulty, length of the trail, and more.


From children to the elderly; soup kitchens to trail cleanup. There are tons and tons of volunteer opportunities available. Organizations are always grateful for extra help whether you choose to support a large worldwide corporation like Feed My Starving Children, or a smaller community organization like Serve 6.8 here in Northern Colorado.

Be a tourist

When was the last time you spent the afternoon exploring your hometown? There are so many fun stores, coffee shops and taverns in NoCo! Or, maybe check out one of the restaurants featured on Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives! We tried that on a trip to Arizona and were not disappointed!

Movie Marathon

Pick your favorite movie series and get set for a movie night! Order some pizza, or better yet, make your own from scratch together (this is our favorite pizza crust recipe), sit back and enjoy the shows.

Game night

Okay, so this option may involve more than just the two of you but what better way to spend an evening than dinner and game night with friends? How about a mean game of Balloon Volleyball? Or, one of our favorites, Fishbowl! What’s Fishbowl you ask? Here is a quick explanation:

  • Give everyone 3 slips of paper to write the names of famous people, living or dead, real or fictional. Place slips in a bowl, divide group into two teams, identify a score keeper and a time keeper.
  • Each game has three rounds.
    • Round 1: Describe the person without using their name
    • Round 2: Use only one word to describe the person
    • Round 3: Charades. No words, actions only
  • How to play: Select someone from Team 1 to go first. That person will try to get their team to guess as many of the names as they can in one minute. Once the minute is up, tally up and record the number of names guessed correctly. Then it’s Team 2’s turn. If a team hits the one minute mark and the name has not yet been guessed, it goes back into the bowl. After Round 3 is complete, add up the score, the team with the most points wins!

The bottom line is … your wedding day is not as important as the person you are marrying. So, as you are planning all of the dreamy details of your day, don’t forget to take some time together to simply enjoy being engaged!

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