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Lois | Portrait Session

The hospital floor was cold and hard as we sat waiting. The hallways were nearly empty except for a few nurses checking on patients. We had been there for about an hour. And then, we heard it… the cry of a newborn baby.  It seemed like only a few minutes later and my oldest brother came out holding his first child, my very first niece, Lois. I (Colin) was the first one to hold her after my brother, Keith, brought her out. I was only 16 years old at the time, and I had never held a baby so new to the world. She was a beautiful baby, with a full head of black hair. Even the nurses commented on how cute she was. In her very first picture, taken probably only minutes after she was born, she was smiling!

I now find myself looking at my niece at about the same place in her life where I was when she was born. One major difference, however, is that she is WAY ahead of where I was at that age. Lois is a very beautiful and talented young lady.  Not only that, she is a great athlete (specializing in golf), and a model student. She’s already getting scholarship offers from several universities, considering her major, and deciding on goals for her college career.

We began our portrait session with Lois standing in front of our cameras, looking back over her shoulder.  Her last name proudly displayed on the back of her letterman’s jacket. It was an exciting moment as her uncle to consider all that she has accomplished so far, and to think about all the things she is yet to accomplish. That’s when I realized I wasn’t the only one having these thoughts. Kyle, Lois’ mom, was beginning to well up with emotion as she looked on at her daughter. I’m sure she was recalling a lifetime of memories with her first child, and considering that just a short time from now, Lois will be going to college.  Soon she will begin a new chapter in her life. I can only imagine where this amazing young lady will be in another 17 years. Still way ahead of me, I’m sure.



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