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Kristina and Kevin | Colorado Anniversary Session

“We want an epic backdrop!”  This was the main criteria for Kristina and Kevin’s Colorado anniversary session.  Which is definitely fitting since they are such an adventurous couple!

We met Kristina and Kevin about 3 years ago at church.  Right away we discovered how much they love adventure … and food!  We have decided that Kevin has some sort of adventure beacon.  Somehow he knows about nearly every single event in Colorado! They have gone on month long hiking adventures, and traveled the world together.  They always seem to know just the right place to go.

For our shoot, fortunately, Kevin and Kristina did the hardest part for us and chose the location for their shoot: Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins Colorado!  As the time was drawing near, we kept a close eye on the weather app on our phone, and black at the sky.  It wasn’t looking good!  If we’re being honest, we were getting nervous that the weather may not hold out!  We were only in town for a short time, visiting our family for the 4th of July, and we wouldn’t have another opportunity to reschedule.  It was now or never!

We met up with Kevin and Kristina to head up to the reservoir for our shoot.  We warned them that we may not have much time depending on weather conditions and considered a back up location in town if necessary.  When we got up to the north side of the reservoir, it was like there was a line where the clouds and rain divided from the stunning sunset.  The rain continued to keep us guessing and we did hang out in the car for a little while as it passed by.  But in true Colorado style, wait 10 minutes and the weather will change.  In the end, the sunset prevailed and we were able to capture some truly awesome pictures of this amazing couple!

Kristina and Kevin …

… We miss you!  We enjoyed our time together and are grateful you gave us the opportunity to capture these anniversary session images for you.  Cheers to even more delicious and amazing adventures together!



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