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Keith and Kyle | 25th Anniversary

Keith and Kyle’s 25th anniversary hits home for us because they are family!  And, it was to be a surprise for the bride …

The Plan

The text came from my brother Keith to the whole family weeks ago. “Be at Santeramo’s Pizza House in Greeley by 6:45.  We’ll be showing up at 7:00.  This is a surprise 25th anniversary celebration for Kyle!”  We were so excited to get to be part of making this surprise happen!  In their 25 years of marriage, my (Colin) brother has never once attempted to pull of a surprise like this for his wife, Kyle.  This was a big deal, and we could not spill the beans.

We arrived at Santeramo’s right on time, and headed to their upstairs reserved dining area.  As 7:00 approached, we all took our places tucked away from the stairs, and we could hear them ascending.  Kyle came up first and as soon as we could see her through the railing, we all yelled “SURPRISE!!!!”  She responded with a dropped jaw, and turned around back down the stairs in disbelief of what her husband had managed to put together.  And even more surprising…without her knowing a thing!

The Love

Keith did all the planning with a little help from family and friends.  This anniversary was really important.  Twenty-five years… a quarter of a century (not to make either of them feel old).  I was eight years old when they got married at what was Mountain Range Baptist Church on the corner of Shields and Horsetooth in Fort Collins.  Like most marriages, Keith and Kyle have had a marriage full of ups and downs, and probably everything in between.  What stands out is their tenacity to love each other no matter what, cling on to Jesus, and live out the solemn vows of “..til’ death do us part” especially when contrasted with society’s predominant mentality of “if it doesn’t work, get a new one” (which often includes spouses).

Keith and Kyle gave brief speeches during the evening, and Kyle recounted how they met and married within 8 months. “It feels like we hardly knew each other…” she recounted of their first years of marriage, “…and it took some time to really get to know each other.”  They have put work into their marriage and gotten to know each other, and still continually get to know each other.  Their friends also spoke of their lasting friendship and commitment to each other and toasted this amazing milestone to their marriage.

I’m sure their marriage will be filled with more ups and downs as their two girls continue to grow up, leave home, go to college, get married and have kids of their own. Wendy and I look forward to being a part of all of it, and continuing to support them, and learn from them as we grow in our own marriage!

Keith and Kyle …

… thank you for inviting us to join in the festivities of your 25th wedding anniversary, and for demonstrating what commitment in marriage ought to be.  We love you both and look forward to the journey ahead.



We love celebrating marriage and had the opportunity to celebrate Martha and Randy’s 50th wedding anniversary too!



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