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Johnson Family Session | Thornton Colorado

What better time to schedule a family shoot than when the ENTIRE family is in town?  With twelve extended family members, six of them under the age of 12, in for Thanksgiving, we knew this shoot was going to be a really fun challenge! The shoot was scheduled for Black Friday and, adding to the challenge, the weather was not supposed to be very cooperative.

Black Friday usually means we head to FlatIron Crossing mall to walk off the turkey coma and do a little shopping to kick off our Christmas season.  This year, we were so excited to add this extended family session to our agenda!

The Location

Though we are always happy to make suggestions, we encourage our clients to choose a location for their shoot.  Penny definitely found a great spot!  A beautiful natural open space area with plenty of great light … our favorite!  And, it was only about a 20 minute drive from the mall, perfect!

After a quick food court lunch, we loaded up the car with our goodies and headed out for our shoot.  On the way, branches began to sway and leaves started swirling around us.  When we arrived and stepped out of the car we thought we were going to get blown over!  OH NO!  A little Beyoncé wind is awesome for photos but hurricane force winds, not so much!

We always arrive early to scope out the area and choose the spot with the best light for our shoots.  So we walked around for about 15 minutes or so to check the area, trying to find a spot out of the wind.  Thankfully, just off of the walking trail, tucked in amongst the trees, we found a great spot that was somewhat protected from the hurricane gusts.  Whew!  Relieved, we headed back to the parking area to meet up with the Johnson family.

The Shoot

When the Johnsons arrived they agreed the wind was crazy!  We quickly made introductions and then headed over to our spot talking with them along the way.  We love to get to know each family and find out some fun facts about them.  This time, we discovered that one of the families had not had family photos since adopting their daughter two years ago.  Family portraits were definitely past due!

And the other family’s son had a broken leg!  He was almost done with the boot, and was able to leave it off for our session.  This was the first time in over two months that he was able to walk without it!  He rocked it with no problem, talk about a trooper!

It Takes A Village

Our behind the scenes photos are typically reserved for social media and our year end blog posts, but how could we not share this one with you??  It can sometimes take a LOT to get little ones to smile for the camera and the whole family got in on this one.  We will have the “Baby Shark” song in our heads for weeks!  But, for that smile, it’s totally worth it!

The Fun

We always try to get some fun shots, especially of the kids, because we love pictures of the kids just being kids.  So, we set the kids up for one of our signature shots … all of the kids running towards our cameras!  This time was different though because after a few takes, the adults decided to get in on the action too!

We’re pretty sure this session holds the record for the most laughter during a shoot!  This family had us cracking up to the point that our cheeks hurt at the end of the shoot from smiling and laughing the whole time!  The best way to end the day if you ask us!


Johnson family, you braved the cold and wind to have some fun and capture some awesome memories! Thank you for giving us the honor of capturing all of you in this incredibly fun extended family shoot!


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