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Jade | Portrait Session

“I’m going to be a doctor…” She said. “… a neonatologist.” When we heard the words come out of this 14-year-old’s mouth, we could hardly believe it! When we asked her where she hopes to go to college, she said very matter-of-factly she was going to Stanford. She told us her plans with such conviction, like it was only a matter of time. When we were 14-years-old, we had ideas, hopes, and maybe even dreams, but definitely not an actual plan for what we wanted to accomplish! This was just one of the qualities that stood out to us about Jade.

In addition to her aspirations in neonatology, Jade is beautiful, funny, smart, certainly knows her mind, and is attending cotillion to further refine her etiquette skills. These valuable skills are all too close to our hearts because Colin’s mom owns and operates HMS Protocol and Etiquette Training. Needless to say, we were very impressed with sweet Jade. She was a natural in front of our cameras, and we had so much fun spending the afternoon with her and her mom, Jackie.

Jade, between that lovely smile, your drive for success, and the skills you will be learning in high school and at Stanford…you absolutely have what it takes! Dream big Dr. Jade! ­­

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