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Is Hiring a Professional Photographer Worth It?

The big question … is hiring a professional photographer really worth it?  You may think that we are going to answer this question with a great big YES because we are photographers.  But you would be wrong.  Well, half wrong anyway.  We are photographers but that’s not why our answer is a great big yes.  We would say yes for a few very important reasons.


Hands down, THE number one regret we hear is, “I wish we had better wedding pictures.” There are no wedding mulligans.  No “retake” days.  Once the day is over the food and flowers will be gone but the photos will remain.  This is the beginning of the legacy of your life together!  Your wedding album and photos will be handed down to your children and grandchildren and beyond.  They will reflect the joy you felt together on the biggest day of your life to future generations.

Portraits of graduation, your engagement and then your growing family carry the same legacy.  Having high quality images of your family through the years provides a beautiful opportunity to pass along a visual legacy to future generations.


We believe that photographs bring back a feeling associated with a memory.  In fact we have several first hand experiences that have resulted in associating a negative memory with a great photo.  You can read all about the experience we had with our own wedding photographer.

So we work really hard to provide a fun exciting memorable experience!  When you look at your photos, we want to make sure you remember an experience that you loved.


This may seem obvious but professional photographers know photography.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get a perfectly timed “pause” in a movie?  Typically someone is in the middle of a blink or a word and, while we totally laugh at the funny pause, it doesn’t make for a very flattering photo.

Anyone can pick up a camera and snap a picture, but creating a perfectly composed photo can be a little tricky.  The perfect shot with amazing light, a beautiful backdrop, and non-awkward pose are all things that take education and experience to master. Often there is only an instant to capture THE perfect picture!  An experienced photographer knows exactly what do to in that instant.

Trust us when we say that we speak from experience.  First, as a newlyweds, when we were somewhat disappointed in our own wedding photos.  And now, as photographers, desiring to serve our clients well to make sure that they LOVE their photos.

So is hiring a professional photographer really worth the investment?  100% YES!  We absolutely think so!



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