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How Grandpa Loved Grandma

He was 96 years old.  Every day he would rise early in the morning to make sure his clothes were neatly pressed before slowly shuffling his way to the Alzheimer’s wing of the nursing home to meet his bride of nearly 70 years for breakfast.  Faces, names and memories escaped her failing mind, but never him. Gone were the years of breakfast in their small farm town home; the town where she grew up and where they met. The town where, on August 11,1945, they took a vow of forever in the music room of her parents’ house.

When I (Wendy) think about a lifelong commitment of marriage, my grandfather’s selfless dedication to loving and serving my grandmother until the very end is the image that comes to mind. I pondered, dreamed and prayed about this kind of love in my own life. Call me foolish but I wholeheartedly believed it still existed!

And then … I met Colin. When I met him I was intrigued.  Colin had a type of character and integrity unlike anyone else I had ever met. He never uttered a swear word (and helped me break that habit as well). He was always respectful of the ladies in our office no matter what they were wearing.  His actions were driven by the conviction and desire to honor the Lord in all things.  Right in front of me stood a man who held to the same type of commitment and values as my grandfather! He challenged me, convicted me and earned my hard-to-earn trust. Colin showed me that the type of love that my grandfather had for my grandmother does still exist!

Fast forward a few years and now we have been married for three and a half years.  I am beyond grateful to be able to have breakfast with this man every morning and honored at the opportunity to uphold that same precious vow of forever.



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