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Spring 2018 Styled Shoot | Part 1 | Get Growing

I (Wendy) barely knew how to use a professional camera six months ago. I knew how to compose great shots and that the big round button on top of the camera activated the shutter and that’s about it. But, having faith in my ability, Colin suggested that we open a photography business. After prayerful consideration, in August of 2017, we jumped in with both feet and Six Arrow Photography came to life!

We have learned a LOT in the last six months of growing our business. One of the things we have discovered is that attracting wedding clients is a real challenge! Brides and grooms typically don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t have any work to show.  Not that we blame them, we wouldn’t want to hire someone if they didn’t have work to show either!  But, it is definitely tough to build a wedding portfolio when you’re just starting out.

The solution? A styled shoot!

What is a styled shoot you ask? It can be anything from a model in a beautiful wedding gown posed on a mountaintop, to a full-blown mock wedding. We decided somewhere in the middle would be best for us. That meant finding a local venue, bride and groom, rentals for the reception area, florist for the bouquet and centerpieces, and of course, cake! I love event planning so, after we picked a date, I jumped right in and came up with a theme and color palette; for this shoot the theme is Rocky Mountain Summer.  Then I began contacting local vendors to set it up.

One of the unique elements of our styled shoot is that we are opening it up to other photographers growing their business too! Rising Tide Society, an international collaborative community for small businesses, believes in thriving through community over competition. They believe, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” And we agree!  We are not the only ones working hard to build our business.  So, we decided the more we can help others to grow their businesses too, the better!

Over the next two weeks leading up to our shoot, we are going to share all of our planning, excitement and challenges with you on the blog.  Then, after our shoot, we will share some behind the scenes details (shenanigans?) and, the grand finale, our final images from the shoot itself! Stay tuned!


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