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Spring 2018 Styled Shoot | Part 2 | Flower Fiasco

I (Wendy) was starting to get a little nervous. The florist I spoke with was very sweet and I was so excited to work with her. She sounded excited about working with us too and said she would put together a price quote for our styled shoot.

And then … nothing.

I sent her a follow up email about a week later. Nothing.

I called a few days later. Still nothing.

I finally stopped into the flower shop and discovered that the sweet lady I had been working with since December was the owner and had since retired. None of the information I provided was passed on to the new manager. Yikes!!! So, I started from the beginning and emailed the new manager all of the details.

And then … nothing.

I called a few days later. Still nothing.

After stopping in to the shop and starting the process over again, I decided to move on and contacted a different florist. The lady I spoke with at that shop was also very sweet! However, she is expecting the arrival of her first grandchild right around the time of our shoot and declined the job.  What an exciting milestone in life!  We are in full support of her, “No.” and hope to work with her in the future.

But I still needed to find a florist for this shoot and we were running out of time!

So, I contacted yet another florist. This time … I found someone who said yes! Emily Rose Floral Designs said yes to our flower ideas, date and budget. YAY! And, bonus, she is trying to grow her business so she can go full time, which is even more exciting!  This provides the exact opportunity we were talking about in Part 1 of our Styled Shoot series!  The ability to help others grow their business as we grow ours.  Perfect!  I emailed her all of the details as well and can hardly wait to see her creativity come to life for our shoot!

Later this week we will be sharing another step in the process in Part 3 … Venue Visit! Don’t miss it!



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