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Happy Anniversary to Us!

May 31, 2014.  What a great day! Walking down the aisle, holding hands and saying, “forever” … it’s a day we will never forget! Fast forward to 2019 and here we are, celebrating five years together!  Happy anniversary to us!

One of our bucket list vacations is a wine tour through France, Italy and Spain.  Pause while we day dream … sigh.  But, instead of celebrating on a fabulous European wine tour, we opted to explore our new home state of Wisconsin for a few days!  Being photographers, of course we brought along a camera to share a few pics with you!

Not to be cheesy …

We have discovered that Wisconsin has at least one festival every single weekend in the summer.  Literally!  This year, our anniversary happened to fall on the same weekend as the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival. Um, yes please!  (We fully admit that all the yummy cheese is one of our favorite things about Wisconsin!) After poking around the festival and sampling as many cheesy treats as we could handle, we opted to end the night with lakeside rooftop dining at TJ’s Harbor Restaurant for our anniversary dinner.  Highly recommend!  Yum! And the view?  Yes, we’re definitely good with that too!

Go Pack Go!

Since we were so close to Green Bay, of course we had to check out Lambeau Field!  We do still love the Broncos but will cheer for the Packers on game day.  Maybe we’ll even get to attend a game! But when the Broncos and Packers play each other … well, sorry Packers.

And, what would a trip to Green Bay be without actually seeing the bay?  We made it just in time to catch a romantic and spectacular sunset!


Our final and favorite stop was Sheboygan!  (Que Elf, “That’s fun to say!”) We absolutely LOVED Sheboygan!  It is our favorite place in Wisconsin so far!  From the quaint dockside restaurants to the casual lakeside vibe, this is a place we could get used to! It reminded Colin of family Oregon beach trips when he was a kid.  But the crown of our trip, the piece de resistance, was the Blue Harbor Resort.  We could have spent our entire vacation right here!  This is the stuff dreams are made of!

Immediately, we pictured a Six Arrow bride at the top of the stairs walking down for her first look. We pictured a bride and groom becoming husband and wife, committing to forever in front of God and all of their friends and family.  Then jet setting off to the tropics for a couple of weeks on their honeymoon.  Or, maybe they would just want to stay right here!

The funny thing is, this could have been our honeymoon!  Who says the honeymoon has to end anyway? We still celebrate each other everyday and we think there is no reason why that should stop.  Society may tell us that the honeymoon is a phase but we disagree.  The celebration of two lives coming together truly is a beautiful thing and we are determined to prove that newlywed love can last forever!


ICYMI … here’s our four year anniversary post!

We loved every second of our wedding day and learned a LOT about the importance of carefully choosing a photographer.  Read about what we did wrong so you can avoid making the same mistakes we did!



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