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Daddy Cakes Bakery | Fort Collins, Colorado

“They are the best lemon bars in the state! Try one!” Rudy grinned as he pointed towards a sample tray on the counter. Rudy and his wife, Angi, are owners of the award winning Daddy Cakes Bakery in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Not only are their lemon bars ah-ma-zing but there are two entire cases filled with other fantastic sweets on display too.  Our sweet tooth was in heaven, in fact we may have heard angels singing.  Although, that could have been someone serenading us with the Daddy Cakes guitar.  Nooooo … pretty sure it was angels!

What makes this place so special you ask?  Well, not only does the shop itself have a great personality and atmosphere but the owners and staff friendly and fun.  Not to mention that every scrumptious bite is carefully crafted in house from scratch.  Though they are known for their sweets, we can’t overlook Gabby, the savory specialist! She is the chef cooking up incredibly beautiful croissants and breads.

Stacy and Elise are the creative pros behind the cake designs. They work hard to create everything from a beautifully simple classic white wedding cake (which is what they were working on when we were there) to an extravagant drip cake with on trend mirror glaze. These two lovely ladies are the creatives behind the adorable Daddy Cakes gender reveal and birthday cakes decorated with everything from mountains to minions.  While we were photographing Stacy icing the wedding cake, Elise was working on a cute forest scene birthday cake.  Seriously!  You have to check out their website, Facebook page or Instagram (@daddycakesbakeryfc) for some of their incredibly creative work!

Whether you’re looking for the best lemon bars in Colorado or your dream wedding cake, Daddy Cakes Bakery has you covered!  They say they, “Sell Happiness One Bite At a Time”, and we wholeheartedly agree!


Check out the unique creation from Daddy Cakes at our 2018 spring styled shoot!


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