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Pro Tips | Two Easy Secrets for Better Photos

If you’re anything like us, you always want photos of all of the amazing people and places around you!  With that in mind, wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a professional photographer with you everywhere you go?  You could have perfectly captured memories from the summit of your first 14er, your island honeymoon or even just simply a backyard BBQ with friends.  But hiring a professional to follow you around all the time may not be possible.  So, we thought we would share two of our best secrets for better photos of your family and friends!  Are you ready … ?

Tip #1

Just like real estate, great photos are about location, location, location.  Subjects can easily get lost in a busy and distracting background.  Instead, try to find a clean light colored background, this will allow the attention to be on your subject as opposed to their surroundings.  We found the white wall in the photo on the left below on a rooftop patio at a venue in Northern Colorado.  We moved a big distracting planter out of the way and used our bride’s dress to hide a power outlet.  The result?  A nice clean background bringing all of the focus to our bride and groom!

Tip #2

In photography, lighting is everything.  Many people think that a bright sunny day provides a perfect opportunity for great photos.  But have you ever noticed how the bright sun casts shadows on your face from your nose or glasses?  If you want great photos it is best to avoid the bright sun.  That’s why we always plan our photo sessions within two hours of sunrise or sunset.  The light is much better!

However, if we are shooting mid-day in bright sunlight we always search out the best photo spot by looking for open shade.  Open shade simply means a shaded location with nothing overhead.  Like in the shadow of a building or tree.  Placing your subject in open shade provides nice even light from head to toe and eliminates weird shadows and blotches.

In the photo below on the right, we positioned our bride and groom in the shadow of a big tree trunk.  This allowed us to shoot in the open shade of the tree.  If open shade is not available, have your subject face his/her shadow, this will help provide even light on their face.

So there you have it!  Two easy tips for better photos … find a clean light background and look for open shade.  Easy peasy! (Shhh, don’t tell the other photographers we shared our secrets!)



Click here to see these tips in action at Alex and Maddie’s engagement session!

Now that we’ve given away our secret you may think hiring a photographer may not be worth it!  Read this to see why we think it is.


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