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Amy and Brian | Fast Friends

Today marks exactly four and a half weeks since we moved to Wisconsin.  And we are happy to say that midwest hospitality is alive and well!  After Colin accepted the job at Vortex Optics and we knew for sure we would be moving, I, Wendy, decided to reach out to one of the Facebook photographer groups I’m in and ask about the area.  You know, to find out the important things … like who has the best pizza in town!

One of the people who responded was Amy.  We became fast friends!  Amy not only gave me a ton of great info, she also said her and her husband, Brian, would be happy to help us unload our moving truck when we arrived.  What?!!?!  Who does that?  Offer to unload a stranger’s VERY full U-Haul into a storage unit in 20 degree weather?  The answer … Amy and Brian. We were SO incredibly grateful for their warm welcome!

Fast forward a few weeks and we decided to get together at our little rental cabin to do a photo swap! Again, in FREEZING temperatures. Zero degrees outside + cold camera body + thin gloves = fingers that refuse to click the shutter! We literally had to go inside four or five times over the course of an hour to warm up!  But the result  is totally worth it!

Amy and Brian …

… We cannot thank you enough for your help and support in our first few weeks living in Wisconsin. The Bible says that loving your neighbor is one of the greatest commandments and you two are rockin’ it! Thank you for blessing us with your friendship and support.



PS: You can read all about our decision to move to Wisconsin here.  It was by far THE biggest decision we have ever made!

And, in case you missed it, check out our first month in Wisconsin update here!




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