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We are  
Colin & Wendy

Happily married, mountain lovers,
suburban homesteaders,
do-it-yourselfers, from scratch chefs,
novice wine connoisseurs,
hunters, hikers, campers, travelers 
and entrepreneurs.

Loving and serving people is the heartbeat of our business because we believe that memories and experiences go hand-in-hand. We work hard to provide an extraordinary experience for every one of our clients because we are convinced that it is not possible to capture outstanding photos without first providing an amazing experience! 

Our greatest mission, both in business and in life, is to glorify God. We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our faith is the foundation for everything we do. It drives how we serve our clients, how we love each other, and how we use our gifts to create an unforgettable experience. 

Our Purpose

We are saved by grace and try our best
every day to love people the way
Christ loves us.

Movie quotes and song lyrics are part
of our everyday conversation.
And, we may break out in song at
any given moment!

Wendy loves to cook from scratch
and excels at making a mess in the process.
It (almost) always turns out delicious!  

Colin is really handy to have around! 
From sprinklers to brakes, he can fix anything!
And he kills spiders too!

A few fun
facts ...

We met while working for a medical software company in Denver. Spending time together on various work-related projects, out at team happy hours, and country line dancing at the Grizzly Rose sparked a romantic interest.

After five months of dating, we got engaged and were married just three months later. Immediately, we left the city behind and moved our lives to Northern Colorado!

Six Arrow Photography has given us a chance to do something we love,  Combining our business skills and creative eye has given us the opportunity to work together both in business and in life!  It has also presented us with the unexpected opportunity to grow and strengthen our marriage in the process.
In January 2019 we will begin a brand new adventure in Southern Wisconsin! Brace yourself Madison, we are headed your way!

Our Story

At the top of Trail Ridge Road | Colorado 

Our 2014  backyard wedding | Ft Collins, CO

Devils Thumb Ranch | Tabernash, CO

Our Travels

We love to travel and have a bucket list that stretches all the way around the globe.

From Alaska to Argentina, Iceland to Israel and Switzerland to South Africa, we want to see it all! 

Whether you are planning your  engagement session in Moab,  wedding in Jamaica or even a surprise proposal in Paris, we'll gladly meet you there!

What's in a Name?

The inspiration for our name, Six Arrow Photography, comes from the Bible in 2 Kings 13:18-19.  The prophet Elisha directs Joash, the King of Israel, to gather his bow and arrows and shoot arrows into the ground.  The king follows Elisha’s direction and shoots three of his arrows, leaving a few more in his quiver. But, because the king did not shoot all of his arrows, he was not able to achieve total victory over his enemy.  The king should have given it everything he had ...

Our goal is to serve you with everything we have - shooting all six of our arrows - to ensure you receive the very best!