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Walker Family Session | Ft. Collins, Colorado

Clients Become Friends

After just over a year in business, we are finally at the point that we are getting repeat business!  Reaching this point, where we have families coming back to us, really shows us the relationships that are built through what we do.  Our clients aren’t just clients; they become friends!

When Nikki contacted us for family portraits again this year we could hardly wait to get everyone in front of our cameras for the second time.  One of our favorite elements in this particular family has been the kids.  These kids are super cute, and tons of fun!  We have a great time each year taking photos, and documenting how these little ones have grown and changed.  I mean, just look at these faces…



Nikki commented that one of the photos brought tears to her eyes because her youngest one is “[her] last little crawler” as he was just beginning to walk during our shoot last year.  Typically making someone cry isn’t necessarily a compliment, but this time it was.  This year, he has grown up so much already, and is running around with the bigger kids.

Creating the legacy that is handed down with family photos is probably our favorite aspect of what we do!  These images will be cherished and passed on to generations to come.  We are so honored not only to be given the responsibility to capture these special moments but also to build lasting friendships.


We’re So Thankful

As we head into Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment and express our appreciation to ALL of our clients!  You have all made a huge difference in our business,  and more importantly our lives!  We appreciate the fun we’ve shared and the images we’ve captured.  One of the biggest compliments we can get is when our clients come back to us for repeat business!  We are so grateful to our friends who have chosen to work with us repeatedly over the last year, and help build our business to what it has become, and what it is becoming!