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Our Proposal Story

February 2, 2014, Broncos VS Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII.  Nearly the entire state of Colorado was wearing orange and blue that day as Super Bowl buzz was in full swing.  There were touchdowns to celebrate, referees to yell at, snacks to be devoured and commercials to be judged.  We were all set to go cheer the Broncos to victory with friends!  And then we got the call … the call that changed everything.

Colin moved to Denver in 2012 and knew right away he wanted to return to Northern Colorado, where he grew up, as soon as possible.  After two years in Denver, he began looking for houses and I (Wendy) went with him.  We knew we were going to get married sometime soon.  In fact, Wendy already purchased a dress (stay tuned for that story later).  Looking at house, after house, after house got so very tiring.  If you’ve ever been house shopping you know exactly what we mean!  And then, we walked into this house.  It was vacant at the time, and from the moment we walked in, it just felt like home.  It was in the right price range, had enough space and a BIG yard and garden.  Colin put in an offer on it immediately. 

After a bit of negotiating, the call came in with the sellers’ counter-offer, and Colin accepted!  We cheered and hugged and then, Colin wouldn’t let go.  I wondered if everything was ok, if perhaps he was reconsidering or had buyers remorse.  But Colin had something different on his mind.  He didn’t want this to be just my boyfriend’s house.  He wanted to be in it together.  So, with no ring and no plan, he closed his eyes, moved his hands to her arms, gently pushed her away and dropped to his knees.  He said, “I know this isn’t the right way to do it.  I don’t have a ring, or anything. But, will you marry me?”  Those four sweet words every girl dreams about were just uttered by the man I knew God had just for me.  Without hesitation I breathlessly said, “YES!”  In a matter of just a few minutes, we went from dating to engaged and buying our first house!  

The Broncos lost that day with the final score being Seahawks 43, Broncos 8.  But we didn’t care because we had something far more exciting to celebrate than a home team Super Bowl win!  

Note: For all of the Bronco fans out there, we are terribly sorry for bringing up this painful memory.  We hope our the joy in our proposal story and a few engagement pics makes up for it!