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2018 | Behind The Scenes

We are wrapping up the year with our annual Six Arrow Photography behind the scenes post!  Not only is this one of our favorite posts but it is also one of our most popular, and we can’t think of a better way to wrap up 2018!

Through all of the hustle and bustle, we always manage to snap a few behind the scenes shots.  One of the things we love most about these photos is that they tell the story behind the story!  Many of our behind the scenes photos are for test shots, to make sure we have the right light and camera settings.  So some are intentional and sometimes we just get in each other’s way!  (Yes, it does happen on occasion.)

We have so much fun at all of our events and can’t wait to share!  Enjoy!

Lets start with Colin

He is never afraid to go out on a limb, or rock or into the bushes to get the perfect angle and capture clients in the perfect light.  Even if it means putting our equipment at risk of being dropped into a lake!

He is THE KING when it comes to reining in the little ones, getting genuine smiles, and keeping them engaged. (Well, gummies help a little too!)

Wendy has mad skills too

Like arranging the details juuuuuust right to capture them perfectly.

Sometimes, she tries to sneak into some of the shots and thinks these are definitely the ones that should go up on our clients’ mantles!


Most people know how to walk, and hug, and kiss, and smile.  But most “normal” walking, hugging, kissing and smiling can sometimes look a liiiiiittle less glamorous on camera.  So, we have become experts at explaining and demonstrating poses and movements that look great on camera!  Our tips and tricks may feel a little awkward at first but we promise the end result will be great.  In fact, we often say, “Feels weird looks great!”  And it does!

The bottom line

It’s no secret that we LOVE what we do, and have fun while doing it.  However, we do take our jobs very seriously and are committed to doing what it takes to get the perfect shot.  We are so incredibly thankful for each of our clients because they are the ones who make all of the hard work totally worth it!

We are truly blessed beyond measure!  Here’s looking at you … Cheers to 2018!

If you’re looking for the PRETTY 2018 photos, you can find them here and here!




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